Our mission is to contribute to transforming healthcare with an innovative approach

« We have had the same long-term mission since day 1: transform practices and hospitals to make our healthcare system more human, efficient and connected. »
Stanislas Niox-ChateauCo-founder & CEO at Doctolib

Transforming healthcare requires a long-term plan

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors in the world and is a common good.
However, it faces many challenges:

For healthcare providers
Sub-optimal organisations
Technologies that are 5 to 10 years behind
Isolated practitioners & facilities
For patients
Difficult access to healthcare
Opaque patient care pathway
No access to personal health data

Our aim is to provide the tools and services that will transform medical practices and hospitals.
We believe that it's the best way to improve patient experience and people health. We have a long-term plan to achieve our mission.

« Healthcare professionals are at the heart of the healthcare transformation. We are together as one team, and we work hand in hand everyday to create the best services for them and their patients. »
Dr. Ilias TsimpoulisDoctor & Managing Director, Doctolib Germany

We have implemented an innovative approach: we team up with practitioners and secretaries

Business model transparency
Practitioners pay a subscription every month. It is our only source of income.
No committment
Practitioners can stop Doctolib anytime: they use our services as long as we bring value to them.
A self-service technology
Our software is available off-the-shelf and its implementation is simple and smooth.
Free consulting services
We offer free implementation, training and organisational consultancy.
Strong local footprint
We have teams in all regions of France and Germany.
Collaborative approach
We launch new features every day based on continuous feedback from our users.
Doctolib for practitioners
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