Our Playbook

We foster a positive set of values and working environment for greater impact

"We are always challenging the way we hire, onboard, train and lead. We want to make sure we are empowering every Doctoliber with the tools, knowledge, and philosophy that are key to their success. That’s how we’ve always wanted to grow as a company."
Matthieu BirachChief People Officer

Serve. Care. Act. Learn. Enjoy. Structure.

Each of these 6 words is a pillar of the way we work, grow and tackle the great challenges of healthcare modernization at Doctolib.
These values are part of our compass, they help us keep a clear focus, remain innovative and remember why we are here.

Six shared pillars

Every Doctoliber can assess their own performance, ideas, and achievements against these pillars. They lay the foundation on which we build a company of thousands of entrepreneurs committing to deliver a better healthcare industry.

Be action-oriented & bold

We cultivate accountability from internship to C-level

Work with efficiency & scale

Each team at Doctolib is linked to a specific company KPI that serves our missions. It is the North Star of the team.

Commit to provide exceptional service

We go above and beyond to capture and cater to the needs of all our users, whether they are patients or healthcare professionals

Be humble & learn 3 things every day

Everyday, we challenge our methodology and our results. We believe in humility as a way of moving forward.

Take care of our team

Our team is only as strong as the relationships we build with each other, and the strongest force to build relationships is empathy.

Have Fun

We believe that it is impossible to transform Healthcare without a positive mindset.

We are always looking for talented individuals

Are you looking for a job that is more than a job?
We have opportunities throughout France, Germany and Italy.
Joining Doctolib means adding value to a team of entrepreneurs who want to transform the world of healthcare.
Serving & caring
icone équipe

Doctolib Continues to Hire Safely

To keep you healthy, we continue to build products and hire for our teams in France and Germany, with a 100% remote process.