Our entrepreneurial story

We built Doctolib from the ground up and we are just getting started

"The entrepreneur mindset is at the very core of Doctolib: we are transforming healthcare through technology and we know it’s only the beginning of our journey."
Stanislas Niox-ChateauCo-founder & CEO at Doctolib

Ours is a simple story.

Doctolib was born from a personal need to find medical assistance in quicker and easier way.
On one side of the earth, a man is obsessing over a faster, more efficient way to book medical appointments and make healthcare professionals' lives easier.
Halfway around the globe a serial entrepreneur is passionate about modernizing the healthcare industry after several subpar experiences.
One day, through common relations, the two men meet feel compelled to work together to transform their idea into reality.
They become a powerhouse tech duo.
They all end up spending hundreds of hours in medical practices understanding the lives of physicians and secretaries. Before long, they are leading a team of driven people knocking on practitioners' doors, helping professionals make the most of the software, creating useful service for healthcare professionals, growing a company.
They all believed in our missions: improving healthcare while building a company with strong values.
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A few years down the road...

Fast forward a few years and we haven’t really changed.
Yes, there are many more of us (and counting).
Yes, we have co-built more products with practitioners.
Yes, we have more practitioners and patients using the tools we have co-built. Yes, we have expanded in France, Germany and Italy.
And we are all still passionate about modernizing healthcare.
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We are always looking for talented individuals

Are you looking for a job that is more than a job?
We have opportunities throughout France, Germany and Italy.
Joining Doctolib means adding value to a team of entrepreneurs who want to transform the world of healthcare.
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