Our technology

We use cutting-edge technology

"Our top engineers and product managers located in our DoctoCampuses in Paris, Nantes and Berlin, develop our technology and create, along with practitioners, the services that will transform healthcare."
Philippe VimardGroupGroup CTO & COO at Doctolib
"The Doctolib technology results from constant interactions with healthcare professionals. Our priority is to provide them with the best service they have ever seen, streamline their workflow, upscale their organization and let them focus on their vocation: healing patients."
Jessy BernalCo-founder & Solution Architect at Doctolib

Leveraging technology for better care

The solutions we develop are made by humans for humans. We show we care in each line of code, and each new feature.
In-house & Cloud-based Technology
We own our cloud-based technology and built it internally with our co-founders and technology teams.
Open Technology
Our technology can be connected to all other medical software: Hospital Information Systems, Practice Management Software... A team of 50+ people is involved on a daily basis to develop these integrations.
Robust Infrastructure
Our infrastructure is using best-in-class health-data hosting services and guarantees performance and availability.
Growing Tech Team
We have a technology team of 300+ Doctolibers, based in Paris, Nantes and Berlin. We intend to double the size of this team in the coming years.
Continuous Feature Development
We develop and launch features every day in partnership with our users.
Humanistic Innovation Approach
We put users first: what matters most is the services we provide to our partners and the use we create, not the technology itself.