Our ethical approach

We believe in placing ethics at the center of our innovation model

"We are committed to fully protecting user data, respecting medical ethics and deontology, while operating on a sustainable and transparent business model."
Stanislas Niox-ChateauCo-founder & CEO at Doctolib

Patients and healthcare professionals own their data

We respect deontology and medical ethics

We treat all practitioners equally. Doctolib's search results are randomized and updated hourly.
No ratings
We stand against patient ratings of practitioners because we believe care quality is hard to measure.
"Doctolib relies on two core principles: first, doctors and patients who use Doctolib are the only owners of their data. Doctolib cannot access any personal information about them whatsoever. Secondly, because healthcare is not a business, all doctors are treated equally and we refuse to consider them as a service: this is why there are no ranking or notation of doctors on our website and app."
Dr. Ilias TsimpoulisDoctor & Managing Director, Doctolib Germany

We have a sustainable and transparent business model

Practitioners and hospitals pay a monthly subscription fee to access Doctolib services. That is our only economic model.
Practitioners and hospitals pay a monthly subscription fee to benefit from Doctolib services. That's our only economic model.
Delivering strong and consistent value to all our users (practitioners, secretaries and patients) is what makes our company sustainable.

We are always looking for talented individuals

Are you looking for a job that is more than a job?
We have opportunities throughout France, Germany and Italy.
Joining Doctolib means adding value to a team of entrepreneurs who want to transform the world of healthcare.
Serving & caring

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