Better together

We believe in co-building solutions with and for practitioners and patients

We listen to our users' existing needs and anticipate their pain points
to create the solutions they need.

At Doctolib, our methodology is simple: we start by listening to patients and healthcare professionals.
Why? The pain points they face are real and need to be catered to.
We believe that transforming healthcare for the better is about solving these pain points, not creating new ones. That is why we co-build solutions with our users: patients and healthcare professionals.

We listen to all healthcare professionals to understand the uniqueness of each experience. This feedback is critical to our mission.

We make sure to consider all professions when building our solutions. Every day, over 4 million healthcare professionals are looking after patients across Europe. Each of these professionals plays a substantial role in informing and advising patients throughout the care path. Each of them has different needs. And each of them deserves to be served and supported so they can focus on delivering the best care possible.
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Building the community

We directly engage with our users of our Doctolib Community.
Across France and Germany, our teams visit healthcare professionals every day in practices, medical centres, hospitals, and institutions. In fact, 60% of Doctolibers work directly with healthcare professionals & patients!

Our management team maintains regular contact points with a medical committee comprised of healthcare professionals.
On the patient side, we conduct surveys and workshops to fully understand how we can solve the issues they face everyday in their care path.
We also consult unions of practitioners as well as patient associations.
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Leveraging technology to improve healthcare

Healthcare is a complex sector with numerous particularities, unique challenges and a plethora of stakeholders. We keep up with the latest news by reading reports about regulation or technical frameworks. We monitor innovations and look beyond Europe to find the best solutions and sets of practices. All Doctolib employees are regularly informed about key evolutions of the sector and trained through continuous learning.

We actively learn from patients and healthcare professionals.

They contribute to the development and continuous improvement of our solutions. At every step of the development process, our user research team tests ideas and features with patients and professionals to ensure we are building solutions that cater to their needs. We make informed decisions to implement useful new features within our product.
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We are always looking for talented individuals

Are you looking for a job that is more than a job?
We have opportunities throughout France, Germany and Italy.
Joining Doctolib means adding value to a team of entrepreneurs who want to transform the world of healthcare.
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