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We support a community of healthcare professionals

Doctolib isn't just a booking management software or a teleconsultation service.

It is also a community of healthcare professionals of all specialties who are working together to build tomorrow's healthcare system.
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General practitioners

25,000 GPs use Doctolib.

We interact with general practitioners on a daily basis to understand and address their needs, particularly through to the Doctolib Community where discussions between GPs are the vast majority. Would you like to know their opinion of Doctolib?
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Medical specialists

30,000 medical specialists, both in the medical and surgical spheres, use Doctolib.

Our field teams meet them on a daily basis to collect feedback and improve our services.
Paramedical professionals

Occupational therapists, orthoptists, psychomotor therapists, audiologists...

More than twenty paramedical professions use Doctolib and help us improve healthcare.
Secretaries & Medical Assistants

One of the first objectives of Doctolib? To simplify the daily life of medical secretaries.

With over 60,000 users, medical secretaries are our largest community!
Our technology is first and foremost at their service and gets better thanks to their suggestions.

The largest medical institutions trust us.

Whether in France or Germany, the largest medical institutions trust us and are building tomorrow's healthcare system with us.
Public Hospitals

More than 3,500 public hospitals trust us

Today, we work with more than 3,500 public hospitals in France and Germany and partner with 50% of the French University Hospitals. A team of 100+ Doctolibers focuses on these institutions and visits them on a daily basis.

We partner with more than 450 clinics

Doctolib also partners with more than 450 clinics throughout France and Germany. Our teams meet them during the deployment and integration phases to their information systems, and maintain a constant link with clinic directors to improve their organisations, together.
Health centers

3,200 health centers use Doctolib

3,200 French and German health centers have already joined the Doctolib adventure. With the COVID-19 crisis, consultations have taken a hit, and we are working together with these establishments to find the optimal conditions to rebuild their activity.
Medical imaging groups

More than 330 medical imaging groups work with us

Today we work with 2,000+ radiologists in 330 medical imaging groups across Germany and France. Each unit has its own team of dedicated account managers to cater to their specific needs and organisational challenges.

*Sources: 1. Internal & anonymous statistics collected between Oct. 2018 and April 2019   2. Internal & anonymous statistics collected in France in March / April 2020